Like most of you, I once had zero idea about plumbing. Some might say I still don’t, though I don’t quite agree with that…
Just for the record, I am not a qualified plumber. Or a qualified tradesman in any way, shape or form.

So why do you have a damn plumbing website then?!

That’s a good question. Here’s my answer. I’ve always been a bit handy. Even as a kid I was fascinated with taking things apart and then trying, and almost always failing, to put them back together. I used to drive my poor mom mad. Her house was cluttered with broken bits and pieces all over the place.

So I’ve always been crazy about DIY and doing odd-jobs around the home. I had initially planned to become a tradesmen, preferably a plumber although I did like carpentry too. But life is funny and sometimes takes you in different directions than what you expected it to and I’ve found myself in quite the cushy office job. But rest assured that that did nothing to put a damper on my DIY enthusiasm.

Everything I know, I’ve learnt from myself. With a metric ton of trial and error, a lot of effort and pain and a generous dollop of common sense, I feel that I can handle most things around the home. It’s been a pretty long time since anyone’s had to be called out to do anything here…

I’ve read some plumbing blogs and tried to learn bits and pieces here and there but nothing is as valuable as the personal experience you get from just trying. I know how difficult it can be to attempt a home plumbing projects when referencing these sites and not understand the technical terms and jargon that they tend to throw out. They just confuse you even further, you begin to second-guess yourself and you’re worse off than when you started!
Hey, I’m not knocking them. These sites are great! But, if you are, like me, just an ordinary guy, then you might need things dumbed down and simplified for you. In a way that only another ordinary guy is capable of. In layman’s terms, so to speak.

Just know that every tip and guide I share on this site is backed by intensive trial and error and positive experiences. I won’t tell you to do anything that I myself haven’t attempted. So let’s take this slow and learn and grow together in our DIY journey!

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